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Business services

Professional cleaning, property services and facility management for businesses.

French Touch offers customized commercial services for offices, shops, restaurants, clinics and businesses in Copenhagen and Zealand. Our services include facility management, property maintenance, commercial cleaning, outdoor property services, window cleaning, painting and not least handyman services.

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Piccoline Services

Boost produktiviteten på arbejdspladsen, ved at lade vores piccoliner tage sig af detaljerne.


Commercial cleaning

Professional commercial cleaning in Copenhagen and Zealand with a focus on sustainability.


Real estate services

Stair cleaning, snow removal and maintenance of outdoor areas.

Window cleaning

Get an efficient and meticulous window cleaner with an eye for detail.

Painting work

Professional painter for all jobs.


Get it done - quickly and easily.



Discover the global city-filled inspiration, opportunities to explore.

Private customer?

There's no doubt that we're there for you too! Read more about all our services, including window cleaning, painting, tile cleaning and much more.

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Commercial cleaning in Copenhagen: Your real estate partner

A clean and well-maintained commercial property creates the foundation for your company's working environment and a welcoming atmosphere for your customers. French Touch is your reliable real estate partner when it comes to commercial cleaning and facility managementwhether you run a small or large business. Our tailored solutions ensure that we meet your unique needs and requirements, no matter the size of your business.

For small businesses

As a small business owner, we know you have many responsibilities to keep track of. Let us take care of the cleaning and maintenance of your premises so you can focus on your core tasks. We offer flexible and customized cleaning solutions that meet your budget and needs.

For large enterprises

We offer our property services and cleaning to large companies and have expertise and experience in cleaning and maintenance of everything from large office spaces, retail chains to production facilities. We design a tailor-made solution that matches your company's requirements and needs so that your facilities remain clean, inviting and create the basis for a good working environment in your company.

Maintaining your business with French Touch's Facility Management

Facility management is a discipline that encompasses a wide range of tasks and activities, including the maintenance of buildings, facilities and properties. This includes everything from cleaning and window cleaning to maintaining technical installations and security systems. Facility management also ensures that your company's buildings meet all applicable regulatory requirements and standards. In addition, we can handle major renovation or remodeling projects.

Overall, French Touch's facility management helps create a safe, welcoming and productive working environment for both employees and visitors.

Presentable outdoor spaces with French Touch's property services.

Our property services cover various types of maintenance of the property's grounds, including stair cleaning, snow removal and salting as well as maintenance of outdoor areas. Property maintenance is an important investment for most types of commercial properties, such as residential buildings, institutions, rental housing associations, condominiums and cooperative housing associations, as it ensures the upkeep of buildings and keeps the property presentable.