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Stair cleaning

Get clean and safe stairs with French Touch's cleaning service.

Stairs and hallways are constantly exposed to wear and tear due to daily traffic, which brings with it shoe prints, dust, dirt and stains. Keeping your stairwells neat and tidy can therefore be a challenge. At the same time, the stairwell is often the first thing we see in a property and therefore affects our first impression. With French Touch stair cleaning, you can maintain clean, well-groomed and inviting stairwells that present your property at its best.

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Stair cleaning for your property and business

Regular stair cleaning in your property not only makes for neater and cleaner hallways, but also helps maintain your property's stairs. French Touch stair cleaning takes the hassle out of stair cleaning with our tailor-made solution that meets your specific needs.

How often should stair cleaning be done?

We recommend having your stairs cleaned weekly or fortnightly to ensure they stay nice and clean. It's important to take into account the daily wear and tear and dirt load on the stairs, as this can cause unnecessary wear and tear and degrade the surface of the steps.

Protect stair surfaces and reduce maintenance costs

Daily wear and tear and dirt can gradually degrade the surface of your stair treads, which can lead to the need for repair or replacement. By maintaining a regular stair cleaning schedule, you can reduce the amount of wear and tear and maintain the aesthetics and functionality of your stairs. This can potentially save landlords and housing associations unnecessary maintenance costs in the long run.

Eco-friendly cleaners for gentle stair cleaning

We only use environmentally friendly cleaning productsthat are effective at removing dirt and stains. This way, we can strengthen the surface of the stairs without compromising our level of cleaning or the environment.

Stair cleaning benefits for co-ops and housing associations

We work with property managers to ensure that stair cleaning fits into the overall maintenance plans and budgets of your association.

Additional cleaning services offered

In addition to our stair cleaning, we also offer other cleaning services that can be combined as needed. If you need window cleaning in your hallway or property services such as waste management and common area cleaning, we can offer a bundled package. This allows you to customize your cleaning needs in one comprehensive solution.

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