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Services for private individuals

French Touch provides services with a focus on quality and convenience in Copenhagen and the surrounding area. We are committed to creating a spotless and comfortable home environment with environmentally friendly solutions.

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Private customer

Window cleaning

Clean windows that create a welcoming appearance.

Private customer

Moving cleaning

We refurbish the apartment and get it ready to move out.

Private customer


Get it done - quickly and easily.

Private customer

Painting work

Professional painter for jobs big and small

Private customer

Tile cleaning

Get rid of algae and moss with waterproofing after thorough cleaning



Discover the global city-filled inspiration, opportunities to explore.

Business customer?

Read more about our dedicated services for businesses. Everything from facility management to office cleaning and much more.

   We are also available by phone: 27 52 43 73 73 on weekdays from 09:00 - 17:00

Services from French Touch - Window cleaning, cleaning and more

Welcome to French Touch! We are dedicated to providing high-quality and ecological solutions in window cleaning, property services and cleaning. Our services include professional window cleaning, efficient moving cleaning, reliable handyman services, as well as beautiful painting and tile cleaning. Whether you need a spotless home or a helping hand with various tasks, you can count on us. Let us take care of your needs - contact us today!

Our professional window cleaning service gives you clear and shiny windows that improve the appearance of your home or office. We also offer ecological solutions that are environmentally friendly and safe for both you and your surroundings. Our flexible timings and competitive prices fit any schedule and budget.

Professional window cleaning

Ensure clean and shiny windows without streaks. Our professional window cleaning service uses the best equipment and techniques to achieve optimal results. We even remove stubborn stains and dirt, so your windows always look flawless.

Get clean and shiny windows without streaks with our professional window cleaning services. We remove stubborn stains and dirt so your windows always look flawless. Our competitive prices and flexible terms fit your budget. And with our ecological solutions, we not only ensure a clean home, but also a sustainable future.

We offer competitive prices that fit your budget and flexible terms. Our ecological solutions not only ensure a clean home, but also a sustainable future.

Thorough cleaning when moving

When moving house, it's important to thoroughly clean your home. We offer professional moving cleaning services to ensure your old home is left in perfect condition. Our efficient and reliable service makes the process easy for you. At French Touch, you can count on an efficient and reliable service. We have experience in real estate services and cleaning, making us the ideal partner for your move. Our dedicated team ensures high quality and always delivers top-notch results. When selling or renting out your home, it's important to have a clean and presentable property. We are ready to clean your property before the handover takes place. With our ecological solutions, you not only get a clean home, but also environmentally friendly results.

Fast and reliable handyman service

Our handyman service is both fast and reliable. We ensure that your repairs and maintenance tasks are carried out efficiently and with high quality. You can trust us to handle any task with expertise.

  • Repair leaking water pipes
  • Fitting new lamps and electrical appliances
  • Setting up shelves and pictures
Property repairs and maintenance

Painting walls, doors and windows is done professionally with high quality and ecological materials. We ensure your surfaces get a fresh new look. Replacing or repairing squeaky floors is part of our real estate services, where we ensure smooth and silent floors in your home. We can also help with minor roofing issues to keep your property in pristine condition.

Flexible agreements and competitive prices

Fixed service agreement options for regular maintenance. We offer the option to enter into fixed service agreements that ensure regular maintenance of your properties. This way you can rest assured knowing that everything is in order.

"Pay-as-you-go options with no commitment or minimum term. With us, you don't have to commit to longer periods or have a minimum spend. Our pay-as-you-go solution gives you the freedom to pay only when you need our services.

Price guarantee - we match any competitor's price. We always want to give our customers the best prices on the market. That's why we guarantee that we will match any competitor's price and ensure you the most competitive solution on the market.

Professional residential painting services

We offer professional painting services for your home, ensuring high quality and great results. Our experienced painters work carefully and precisely to fulfill your wishes. We only use environmentally friendly and organic painting products in our work. This way you can get a beautiful result without compromising on health or the environment.

Interior painting of walls, ceilings and woodwork is done with care and expertise. We make sure to create a beautiful and durable result that matches the style and atmosphere of your home. Exterior painting of facades and windows is an important part of maintaining your home. We use quality products that ensure long-lasting protection against the weather conditions. Treating damaged surfaces is our specialty - we repair cracks, holes or peeling on both interior and exterior surfaces.

Effective and thorough tile cleaning

Our professional high-pressure cleaning service ensures an effective and thorough cleaning of your tiles. We gently remove algae and moss so they don't damage the appearance or durability of your tiles. In addition, we also treat your tiles with special products to prevent future algae and moss growth. This way, you can enjoy clean and tidy tiles for a long time to come.

The efficiency of our high-pressure cleaning combined with gentle algae and moss removal and treatment with specialized products enables us to provide a comprehensive cleaning for your tiles. We don't compromise on quality as we want to ensure you a result that is both cost-effective and long-lasting. With our services, you can rest assured that your patio or driveway will look great without the hassle of unwanted plant growth.