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Business / window cleaning

Clean and shiny windows for your business

Maintaining sparkling clear windows in commercial buildings can be a big task, especially when it comes to larger buildings or upper floor offices. But it doesn't have to be a burdensome task for your business. Our team is ready to take care of it, so you can concentrate on your business activities and let us create an impressive first impression with shiny windows.

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Our responsibility as professional window cleaners for businesses

In a world of increasing environmental awareness, businesses expect sustainable solutions. We are committed to providing environmentally friendly janitorial services and window cleaning for commercial customers. By using Nordic Swan Ecolabeled cleaning products, we not only ensure brilliant windows, but also longer-lasting cleanliness.

Our professional obligation as a window cleaner

We serve a wide range of commercial properties, from glass facades to hard-to-reach areas. We ensure dirt and debris is effectively removed from the glass, frames and sills, while polishing mirrors and other glass surfaces to perfection.

No compromises in our services

Conscious of our environmental impact, we only choose green cleaning solutions and drive electric or hybrid vehicles. We also ensure a safe working environment for our team through training and the necessary protective measures, which again underlines our commitment to sustainability in the real estate services industry.

Quality and efficiency in commercial window cleaning

Our advanced equipment, like telescopic poles, allows us to reach hard-to-reach places quickly and safely, saving time and eliminating the need for additional equipment. After every job, we perform an in-depth quality check to ensure no detail is lost. We prioritize your business operations and with our flexible scheduling, we make sure our services are delivered at a time that causes the least disruption to you.

Our customers

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