One of the Piccolines at French Touch

If you need help with everyday tasks, we have the solution. We do tasks like watering plants, shopping and emptying bins.

We make a plan of what the needs are. We are very flexible and can optimise the task.

We make sure the workplace is organized and organized.

Friendly and caring staff

How we make it work

  • When hiring, we make sure to bring in friendly and caring employees! You will become more than an assistant, but rather a colleague who is always ready to help

  • We use sustainable products to ensure your workplace is clean all day long

  • Our team is flexible and can carry out almost any task you give them.


  • Our team is constantly growing to ensure flexibility and optimal service.

  • Our picoline has a responsibility and will be active in receiving feedback and constantly improving its service

  • If your picoline is sick or on holiday, we always have someone to step in and will never leave you empty-handed.


  • We use organic cleaning products certified by the Swan label

  • All our rags are cleaned in our office and recycled

  • We ride bikes and 100% electric vehicles

  • Our uniforms are organic

    and made of 100% organic cotton

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Natural product

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Unsurpassed quality

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Tailored to your needs