Speed, savings, quality work, these are all benefits of using French Touch.

If you need an extra pair of hands for something, we can help.

Our team can transport, build, deliver, move, paint and always find the right solution.

What our handyman can offer you

How we make it work

  • Building

    • If you need extra hands and equipment, let us help you build your furniture, tables, chairs... Tell us what you need and we'll find a solution

  • Deliveries

    • For large or small deliveries and moving to and from Copenhagen.

  • Power washing

    • So your stones and tiles shine again

  • Paint

    • Our painter takes care of apartments, houses, counters, shops everything that can be painted can be done by our painter.   

French Touch handyman Jean

An ability to surpass any challenge

  • Our team are experienced and trustworthy when given a task and will ensure it is completed to the highest standard.


  • We have experience with all kinds of machines and tools to ensure customer satisfaction


  • We make sure our organisation is top-notch and our team is flexible to ensure we are available on all days and at all times.

  • Your calls or emails will always be answered, ensuring you a fast and efficient service

Sustainable service

Sustainability is an integral part of French Touch
  • We run on bicycles and 100% electric vehicles for material collection

  • Our uniforms are made of 100% organic cotton

  • We are always looking for the most sustainable solution

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Natural product

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Unsurpassed quality

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Tailored to your needs