Commercial cleaning

One of the French Touch employees cleaning the floor

It's all about mindset. Our team isn't hired to simply fulfill a plan. We teach them to think responsibly. That means they look for things that can be improved and new ways to make the routine work better.

Commercial cleaning in Copenhagen

Give your workplace a French Touch

How we make it work

  • We use sustainable products designed for every imaginable situation

  • We make sure our employees are perfectionists and ensure a clean service every time

  • Use of professional machines for intensive cleaning

  • Feedback is important and will always be sought and implemented so that we can improve our service specifically for each customer.

One of the French Touch employees cleaning the floor


An essential part of Frech Touch is the tailored planning
  • Customer-specific and flexible routines for each customer depending on preferences, opening hours and circumstances

  • Your workplace will always be clean, even during holidays and weekends

Sustainable service

Sustainability is an integral part of French Touch
  • We use organic cleaning products certified by the Swan label

  • All our rags are cleaned in our office and recycled

  • We ride bicycles and in 100% electric vehicles for material collection

  • Our uniforms are organic
    and made from 100% organic cotton

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Natural product

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Unsurpassed quality

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Tailored to your needs